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The Colchester Netball League takes place at Highwoods Sports Centre CO4 9PU, every Monday during term time. Play is located on the outside courts and parking is free.

There are 10 Kats teams that include players from Year 10 upwards in the league with 54 teams altogether with 6 Divisions. This is overseen by the Colchester Netball League committee. 

There is also an annual adult memorial tournament that take place in September in memory of Jackie Sage and Hazel King and Kats are always well represented in this competition and Kats Hurricanes won the 2023 JS Trophy.

Winter League Teams (September 23 onwards) are:

Division 1 - Kats Nordic, Kats Hurricanes, Kats Harbour

Division 2 - Kats Thunder, Kats Tornadoes

Division 3 - Kats EHAA, Kats Storm

Division 4 - Kats Cyclone

Division 5 - Kats Twisters

Division 6 - Kats Typhoons

Adult Competition: Facilities
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