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2015/16 season --Thunder is the 3rd young team with a player coach.

Previous --Thunder is made up of girls who joined our club in August 2008. They came along to training having very little netball experiance, after working hard with our coaches they entered the Jackie Sage and Hazel King rally in September and did very well. After their first taste of real netball, they have now decided to give the league ago. They are committed girls and we will work hard with them to get them where they want to be.


Thunder came 2nd in the 2011 Hazel King Rally, but the players were a mixture of other Kats teams.


Previous Years Results

                                                              SUMMER  2004   Bacardi     4th

WINTER   2004/5    DIVISION  2  1st      SUMMER  2005   Pool 2       3rd

WINTER   2005/6    DIVISION  1  9th      SUMMER  2006  

WINTER   2006/7    DIVISION  1  9th      SUMMER  2007  Group 2     1st    

WINTER   2007/8    DIVISION  3  9th      SUMMER  2008     

WINTER   2008/9    DIVISION  3  3rd      SUMMER  2009    Spring      8th

WINTER   2009/10  DIVISION  4  3rd      SUMMER  2010   Winter     2nd

WINTER   2010/11  DIVISION  4  2nd      SUMMER  2011   Winter      9th

WINTER   2011/12  DIVISION  3  4th      

WINTER   2012/13  DIVISION  3  2nd     SUMMER  2013  DIVI 3      1st 

WINTER   2013/14  DIVISION  2  1st     SUMMER  2014  DIVI 1      6th

WINTER   2014/15  DIVISION  1  9TH    SUMMER  2015   DUNN     4TH


Winter League Fixtures 2015/16


Thunder Team Members



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