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Kats Lightning

Kats lightning are our 1st team who played in the Chelmsford league and have been in the 1st Division for 3 years. They finished 3rd in the winter league 2008/9 season and 1st in this years Summer League. They came 2nd in the Knockout cup, playing a well fort game against a regional team taking their loss in good spirit. The Chelmsford Committee voted Shannon Watson as "Overall Best Player" for the Knockout final.

Lightning work hard to get where they are today and have been together for a number of years now. They succesfully came 2nd in the annual 2008 Kats rally, they were runners up to Crystal Palace A. They were runners up in the 2009 University Rally again being beaten by Crystal Palace A.

The girls were the first to wear the "offical KATS kit" pulling together as a team, and being sponsered to do the Mersea Boot Camp assult course. Although a messy and tiring day the girls raised enough money to buy the first KATS Kit, which is now worn by the entire KATS Club.

The girls come along to training on a weekly basis and help the newer players and other club members to improve their game and skills.

2011 the team have 4 players still from 2008 and 3 from last year and 2 new players.

In 2013/14  Lightning won the Knockout cup beating a regional team to win for the first time.

Lightning remains in the 1st division in Chelmsford each year the teams get better but we are still there,  


Previous Years Results


                                                                 SUMMER   2004    Bacardi   3rd

WINTER   2004/5    DIVISION  1  2 nd       SUMMER  2005    Pool    2  4th  

WINTER   2005/6    DIVISION  1  2nd        SUMMER  2006    Group 3  1st

WINTER   2006/7    DIVISION  1  2nd           SUMMER  2007    Group  1  1st


WINTER  2005/06   DIVISION 2    4TH

WINTER  2006/07   DIVISION 2    1ST      SUMMER   2007   POOL 2  1ST

WINTER  2007/08   DIVISION 1     6TH     SUMMER   2008   POOL 1   1ST

WINTER  2008/09   DIVISION 1    3RD     SUMMER   2009   POOL 1   1ST

WINTER  2009/10   DIVISION 1    4TH      SUMMER   2010   POOL 1   2ND  

WINTER  2010/11   DIVISION 1    4TH      SUMMER   2011   POOL 1    1ST

WINTER  2011/12   DIVISION 1    4TH      SUMMER   2012   POOL  2   1ST   KO CUP RUNNERS UP

WINTER  2012/13   DIVISION 1    4TH      SUMMER   2013   POOL  2  1ST    KO CUP RUNNERS UP

WINTER  2013/14   DIVISION 1    4TH      SUMMER   2014   POOL  2  1ST    KO CUP WINNERS

WINTER  2014/15   DIVISION 1    3RD      SUMMER   2015   POOL  1  1ST

WINTER  2015/16   DIVISION 1    4TH

WINTER  2016/17   DIVISION 1    3RD

WINTER  2017/18   DIVISION 1   5TH                                                       KO CUP RUNNERS UP 


Lightning Team Members 2015/16



Kats Lightning 2006/7



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