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Fast Net 2012

Would like to say a big well done to the girls who entered the "Fast Net Rally" on Sunday 1st May at Festival park Basildon. We took full advantage of the rolling substitue's and shooting outside the circle. And had a brilliant day, with a different format of netball. Was nice to have a change and was very exciting stuff seeing the girls running on and off into all different positions. Also a big Thankyou to Teresa and Charly for managing the girls for the day, Linda for coaching and Debbie for coming all the way over there to support them.

Team: Shannon, Kim, Hayley, Hannah, Helen, Kirsty, Marie, Jodie, Kathryn, Shar, Steph.


London 2012 Open Weekend

Kats Netball club held a netball funday on Sunday 24th July 2011 in aid of the London 2012 Open weekend. We invited players from clubs, leagues and non players to attend our event. We had over 40 people turn up and put their names into a hat. We had 4 experienced "Kats" players, Kirsty James, Hayley Martin, Debbie Forde and Caroline Nice to manager the teams. Player picked a number to determine what team they would be in. We wanted to mix everyone up as we had all different standards of players. We let each team name themselves and ended up with Hayley's Hotdogs, Kirsty's Cream Eggs, Caroline's Fantastic Four and Debbie's Sundaes. Despite the teams being pulled from a hat, Caroline's Fantastic Four seemed to have all the experienced players, and were the team everyone fretted playing. Each team played each other twice with 1 experienced official, Kim Watson and Maureen wood umpiring each game. They played in a rotation, where at half time and the start of each game the players in the teams had to swap position, so no player was playing in their comfort zone. It was exciting to watch experienced Goal Shooters taking on the role of Centre's and watching Defenders attempting to shoot. The day ran to a success and despite everyone fretting over Caroline's Fantastic Four, it turned out to be Debbie's sundaes that walked away the winners. But the day wasn't over yet, the officials, which consisted of experienced players and umpires decided to take on the winning team. In the first half of the game the officials were winning, 5-1, everyone gathered round to support Debbie's Sundaes willing them to beat the officials. It looked like the officials were going to take the glory of the day, so all the teams grouped together and rolled on substitutes for Debbies Sundae's, with fresh legs on the court Debbie's Sundae's started to pick up speed and gave the officials a run for their money. With everyone cheering both teams on, but secretly wanting Sundae's to win, the game got faster and more competitive. The final score ended 9-9, a draw!! A brilliant way to end a fantastic day. We would just like to thank everyone who attended and to all the organsiers who made this day happen and volenteer their time and effort.



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